Communion as Remembering

October 17, 2021

The Sokabe Chapel is closed.


As the fellowship well knows, little Shine will soon be four years old. With her mother and grandmother longtime members of the church, she is indeed a child of the church. While a babe-in-arms her mother would hold her as the family came forward on Communion Sundays to receive the Bread and Cup.

In due course, Shine would take a piece of Bread all by herself. And, a little older, she would dip her piece of Bread into the Cup. All this came to mind this past Sunday as Shine sat with her mom on the bench in the breezeway of the church. She held the self-contained Communion Cup on her lap. She peeled off the top of the cup to release the wafer and then peeled off the second

cover to open the cup. She didn’t want help! She had this fully under control!


What Shine did next brought a smile to my mask-hidden face and a warmth to my heart. She took the wafer, dipped it into the cup and then placed it into her mouth. She had received Communion as she had throughout her life. She took a morsel of bread, dipped it into the Cup.

We are invited to participate in Holy Communion as a “remembrance" of the Christ. A ‘remembrance’ of how Bread and Cup were shared with us by the Lord and by all those who have spanned time from that day to this. At her young age, Shine remembers and is showing and sharing the ways of our faith!

Reverend Larry Walter


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Work Day

Next work day is October 19. Bring your own snacks and drink. Take breaks on your own and we will leave as soon as everything is done and equipment cleaned and put away.

A History of the Church Thrift Store

If you are an “old timer” at Hilo Coast you will no doubt remember the thrift store that was operated by the Women’s Fellowship. The store sold almost everything for a quarter, and became known as “The Quarter Store”. The store was open for two hours on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.


The monies raised went to support mission projects around the world. Eventually the building that housed the store had to be torn down due to termite damage and the church turned to having large rummage sales as a means to raise funds.


When the pandemic hit and Hilo Coast temporarily closed its doors, church members saw an opportunity to rekindle the idea of having a thrift store on campus.


A small article appeared in the Hawaii Tribune-Herald announcing the opening of the store and calling for donations. This article was a springboard for what has become a thriving redistribution hub.


The Women’s Fellowship and the Missions Team have worked together to define and implement a multi-faceted mission which has taken us on a journey none of us could have foreseen.


The strong community connection is what has taken us all by surprise. Our regular customers, our donors, and the recipients of our mission projects have made opening the store so much more than just opening a little store in Honomu. The grassroots nature of the work has opened doors we didn’t know existed.


We have started something that will be very difficult to say good-bye to. We are operating the store in the church’s fellowship hall and are aware that we will eventually be asked to return it to its intended purpose. The idea of having a dedicated building is now just a dream. We are working toward making that dream a reality.


Kiki Rycraft
Missions Team Leader


Women’s Fellowship Thrift Store

Our Thrift Store hours are every Wednesday, from 10am – 2pm. Come by and check out the latest inventory. For more info or to schedule a pickup of your household items or clothing, please email suewhite@earthlink.net or call Kiki Rycraft at 895-4165. Mahalo for everyone’s support!

Department of Health Crisis Line

The State Department of Health has expanded the former suicide prevention and counseling line into a 24-hour Crisis Line dedicated to helping and supporting individuals who are facing personal crises. Big Island residents may call toll free at 1-800-753-6879.